The living’s easy, the kids are home, and you’re getting ready for three long months of uninterrupted rest, pampering, and relaxation, right?
Ha! Wrong.
(And I can hear you snorting with laughter from here.)
Let's be real, y'all.
For hardworking, whip smart women everywhere, Summer feels less like “lovin’”, and more like…

Planning to have fun and see friends, but never following through. (Errands ain’t gonna run themselves, and you said you’d get your gardening done this weekend, sooo…)
Rolling your eyes at “influencers” on Facebook bragging about their millionth trip to Italy this year. (God bless the “unfollow” button.)
Attending events, BBQ’s, and activities you kinda hate. (‘Cause Great Aunt Carol will disown you if you don’t bring potato salad to her 300th family cookout #ugh.)
Staring out the window thinking “It must be nice to get away!”— but you don’t have time, or the energy. (Plus, you don’t have the bandwidth to plan anything right now.)
Playing maid, chauffeur, and bank teller for your kids. (“Mom can you drive me to ___”/ “Can you put $__ in my account?”)
Taking “vacations” — a.k.a. cooking, doing laundry, and cleaning up after everyone in *~*exotic locations*~*. (But you still manage to get a sunburn. Ouch.)
Calling mani/pedis & 3-margarita lunches with the girls “self care” (but there’s nothing self-carelicious about hangovers + burrito bloat).
Shame and embarrassment your “bikini bod” dreams went unrealized — again. (But that’s what cover ups and giant t-shirts are for, right?)
Even more stress from an amped up workload that has you cancelling those evening walks you made your husband swear he’d take with you. (Sorry honey!)
Oh and don’t forget: 1 serving of boredom, burnout, and all around blah to top it off. (Shaken, not stirred. Extra salty rim.)
Girl: I've been there. I feel you.
And I have a proposition.
What if instead of having the same summer you’ve already had year in, year out… you flipped the script?

What if all the “Sorry, I can’t”s, and “Who am I to ___”s turned into big, juicy, sexy YES’S?
YES to more of the adventure, luxury, and decadence you’re craving — a.k.a. more of the things YOU want to do.
YES to saying NO to the summer stuff you can’t freakin’ stand.
YES to *actual* vacations, and time alone to relax and recharge.
YES to being seen, and being “that girl” posting all the #goals summertime pics on Instagram.
YES to real, genuine, deep, luscious self care.
YES to feeling sexy in a swimsuit, and soaking up the sunshine.
YES to letting your hubby and kiddos handle their sh*t — ‘cuz mamma’s off to have some fun.
I can help you make that happen — and I promise it won’t feel like another giant to-do list.

(Because helping women love life and themselves more more is my jam — and I know when you start to put YOU first? Everything in your life changes.).

It's self love summer camp meets feminist hedonist secret society.
June 3–August 9
A summer of fun, freedom, body love, empowerment, more “no” —
and way more YES.
Here's how it works:
Weekly Video Classes
Every Monday for 7 weeks, I’ll lead a video class and Q&A on a range of different topics sucking the fun out of your summer, **plus 3 added weeks with bonus instructors**— from self love to body and movement, all the way to asking for what you want and making a scene — and give you easy weekly homework to cement what you learn. The goal? To stretch you out of your comfort zone and into the sunshine. 
Weekly Challenges
Then, after every class, you’ll receive a specific “challenge” to do something for YOU — and every challenge you join puts you in the running for some faaaabulous prizes. But don’t sweat! I’m keeping the challenges light, easy, crazy fun, and totally instagrammable whenever possible (‘cuz if you don’t ‘gram that raspberry sorbet and glowing new tan of yours, did it even really happen?).(Spoiler alert: A grand prize for one lucky challenge winner is BEYONCE TICKETS!)
Private Facebook Community
You’ll join the bustling Summer of Yes community on Facebook. This is where every class will take place, every challenge will be posted, and all additional resources and homework will be shared. It’s also where you’ll meet your SoY #sistersquad, who’ll be right along with you for the whole journey to hold you accountable, swap stories, share fun and photos, and more.
Exclusive Summer Access to my BARE Daily Mentorship community
This online learning site includes modules and video trainings on each of the 7 BARE themes, an additional Facebook group where you can get daily coaching from BARE coaches in there 24/7.
A 60-minute 1-1 Session with a BARE Certified Coach
Each Summer of Yes student will get a 60-minute 1-1 session with a BARE-certified coach who can dig deep into any challenges that come up over the course of our semester, including: emotional eating, body love and respect, pleasure and excitement, living in alignment, self-expression, and sooo much more.
Summer of Yes VIP Opportunity
Want to become a Summer of Yes VIP? Then you’ll also get 4 (count ‘em, 4) 1-1 coaching sessions with ME, Susan Hyatt. This is where we can go deep into the patterns and cycles keeping you stuck, frustrated, and spinning your wheels all week long. If you’re ready to make this a Summer of Total Transformation (and more “Yes”?) This is the option for you. Usually my 1-1 coaching clocks in at ~$$$$$, but for Summer of Yes VIP’s? These sessions are included in the price.
Here's a sneak peek at a few of the topics we'll cover inside Summer of Yes:
How you love it, treat it, and live with it
What lights you up and makes you feel great to do and sweat out? Let’s have you do more of that, please and thank you.
You can’t always get what you want, but if you don’t ask? It can’t show up for you. Learn how to get comfy with teh ask.
Don’t worry about being “too much”. Learn how to stand up for what you believe in, and develop unshakable confidence.
No apologies. No excuses. Just: “Hello [partner? / kids? / clients? / team members? / that server who keeps disappearing?] I need…
From planning your next getaway to your next money moves – learn how to get more done in a way that feels gooood.
and more!
Getting excited to take back your summer? Feeling ready to say YES?

(May this be your first of many, dahling.)

Read on to grab the enrollment details below.

Enroll below and get instant access to the Summer of YES community, and all the fun I’ve got waiting:
Summer of Yes
MAGIC Membership

This membership gets you access to:
  • All 10 Summer of Yes weekly video classes & Q&A
  • Weekly Summer of Yes Challenges + chances to win prizes
  • The Summer of Yes Facebook community
  • Summer membership to the daily BARE Mentorship community
  • One 1-1 session with a BARE certified coach

and more!


Summer Session Investment:


*New $87 paypment plan available!!

Summer of Yes
MIRACLE Membership

This membership gets you access to:
  • Four transformative 1-1 sessions with the creator of Summer of Yes Susan Hyatt (aka moi!)
  • All 10 Summer of Yes weekly video classes & Q&A
  • Weekly Summer of Yes Challenges + chances to win prizes
  • The Summer of Yes Facebook community
  • Summer membership to the daily BARE Mentorship community
  • One 1-1 session with a BARE certified coach

and more!
Summer Session Investment:
Still got Q's? I've got A's.

With all our other summer expenses, I’m not sure I have the money.

Ahem… who’s paying for your kids’ summer camp again?

Or those frats or sororities they’re pledging?

Or footing the bill for the family BBQ or “vacation” (yeah, the one where you’re still doing all the cooking, cleaning, and laundry…)?

Uhhh huh. That’s what I thought.

You spend plenty of money on the people around you. When was the last time you made an investment in yourself?

And if you’re still not sure, think of it this way: $497 over 7 weeks — that’s just about $10/day to join Summer of Yes for two whole months. Skip your morning Starbucks latte, or bring a lunch to work instead of buying it a few days a week, and you’re golden.

I’m pretty introverted. Will I fit in at Summer of Yes?

Absolutely. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, love, and warmth — it’s company policy, and my company is dedicated to making you feel AMAZING every step of the way.

So: There are plenty of introverts in my community (as well as extroverts of course!) and I always make absolutely sure to keep it a safe, pressure-free space for you to share and be vulnerable and open.

You’ll be doing homework, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in “real life”, and posting in the group if you’d like to complete challenges and be in the running for prizes! But how much you choose to share publicly is entirely up to you.

who made this anyway?
About Susan Hyatt

Yesss Queen and Creator of Summer of Yes Creator:

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life Coach whose fierce, fun and fresh approach to personal development has won her thousands of fans on Facebook, glowing praise from icons like Dr. Martha Beck and Maria Shriver, and a sold-out coaching calendar — with many programs selling out in six hours or less.

Her motto? “Life is precious. Go make it delicious.”

As a woman who used life coaching principles to lose thirty-five pounds, upgrade her career, and revitalize her marriage, she’s a coach who truly walks her talk. By telling her raw, honest stories — in print, online, and on stage — Susan is on a mission to prove that if you crave it? You can create it. Nothing is out of your reach.

Susan has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Seventeen, and O: The Oprah Magazine, and has appeared on stage in front of live audiences from Seattle to the island of Aruba.

What Women Are Saying
“I said no to a huge speaking opportunity that felt off in my gut. So I am saying YES to something even better to come with people who are in alignment and integrity! #YES #NEXT”
—Stacey Hylen
“Susan, thank you so much for revealing this blind spot I’ve had around my work AND for giving me an example of how I can do what is meaningful to me and still have a joyful life where I show up for the people I love. Because of you, I might actually produce something of value. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
“Slowly, I’m figuring out that not taking things so seriously is pretty key to unlocking all the Summer of Yes goods: decadence + pleasure + mind detox. Yes to not being perfect but loving all the experiences. Yes to graduating from yoga teacher training. Yes to smiling and laughing more!”
—Alison Chino
“At the beginning of Summer of Yes I shared that I was going to resign from a job that was weighing me down. That conversation is happening this Thursday and while I’m nervous AF, I know it is the right thing so I can go all in as a coach. Thank you Susan for creating this space, this energy, and this movement! <3”
—Laura Kalister
“I said yes yesterday to going out for cocktails with a friend and her friends, this is huge because due to serious issues and living in a small town I haven’t been out in almost 2 years. I went some place where I knew I wouldn’t be surrounded by people who knew the story and I had a blast! I met amazing people, have booked some pet sitting work, and hold your horses: met a woman who may need me to accompany her and her small dog to the Bahamas next year while she sells her home there. Now whether or not that happens who knows, but for the first time in a long time I really feel hopeful and it is all because I SAID YES!”
“What a crazy, unusual summer full of emotion. It marked the end of my life with my sons at home and I started the summer in a panic—part of my “why” for joining Summer of Yes. It’s been so busy, the sadness went on hold, but tonight, last day of vacation with my youngest, it has crept back in. All I can say is that joining Summer of Yes has helped me have a summer to remember and to get back to defining what I want now in my life at the biggest crossroads I have ever stood at. It has been fantastic having all your amazing support! Thank you all!”
—Anne Jacques
“One of my Summer of Yes vision board items was to run with the big dogs—and I just got a super cool invitation!”
—Allie Irwin
this is it—the end of the line.
Your chance to do things completely differently, and take back summer for YOU…
… or your chance to keep things exactly as they are.

Which one do you feel called to choose?

Don't let another summer slip by you. Take your power back. Let the sunshine in.
Enroll in Summer of Yes right now, and I’ll see you inside.